VLC Photonics and ZHIWEI Photonics sign a partnership for Chinese market development

By | 2016年12月20日

September 1st, 2016 – VLC Photonics, a leading pure-play photonic design house in Europe, and ZHIWEI Photonics, a chinese company working on the photonic integration field, announce that they have entered into an collaborative agreement, under which both parties will launch a long-term collaboration to market VLC’s services in the Great China District and jointly promote Photonic Integration Circuit (PIC) technology.


This agreement is an important step in the long-term corporative strategies for both companies. As Photonics Integration technology is better known globally, and it is more adopted by different markets, e.g., optical communications, sensing, quantum optics, and biophotonics, it is critical for small companies to collaborate in order to explore new geographical markets and transfer PIC technology into different industries. “The Chinese market for photonic integration has been quickly growing, and potentially can be very large in the upcoming years” – Zhaofu Wang, General Manager of ZHIWEI Photonics explains.


The collaborative partnership will address the challenges that customers in the Great China District are facing as they apply photonic integration to miniaturize and optimize their optical systems. This partnership is intended to provide a strong service offering, and as Iñigo Artundo, CEO of VLC Photonics says: “the ultimate goal is to serve Chinese customers with solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs, and allow them to carry out their integration projects in the smoothest way”.



VLC and ZHIWEI will continue to promote PIC technologies through joint developments, and this will also enable a stronger position in the Asian markets.



ZHIWEI Photonics is a technology company, aiming at promoting photonic integration technology for Chinese customers. Contact: Zhaofu Wang, General Manager

China: info@zwphotonics.com

Website: www.zwphotonics.com

VLC Photonics is a photonic design house providing consultancy, chip design and testing services, and brokering for manufacturing and packaging through a large network of partners, with expertise in all main material platforms: silicon photonics, InP, SiN, and PLC. Contact: Iñigo Artundo, CEO

Europe: info@vlcphotonics.com

Website: www.vlcphotonics.com